1. Coxwain's Avatar
    I can't get my phone to archive the pictures I send in the sms ap. On BBM it will save them in my photo folder.

    I remember an option at the start of using the device asking me if I wanted to keep sms photos or not and I said not to keep. But I can't find the setting on how to fix that.
    06-29-17 07:28 PM
  2. AWB70's Avatar
    Not sure because I have mine knocked off but if you go into android setrings/storage & usb/ apps and navigate to the text message app permissions maybe you need to allow it to access storage on the device...maybe, just guessing.
    06-29-17 07:51 PM
  3. AWB70's Avatar
    Failing that, what would happen if you uninstalled the text messaging app and installed again. Maybe it will ask again in setup. Uninstall at your own risk though.
    06-29-17 08:04 PM

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