1. Paul Reichert's Avatar
    I found a DTek 50 in a bin and bought it. No idea what use to put it to so I decided to use it as a burner phone. Set it up with a burner email address so I can run any kind of shifty app on it without incurring any traceability to the 'real' me.

    I was curious about what this TikTok thing is about so got that running first thing.

    It would be convenient to go online using my KeyOne as a hotspot.

    Question: do I create a significant risk by keying my hotspot password onto it? That is, worst case, the PRC uses TikTok to commandeer the DTek 50 and thus learn the hotspot password thereby getting access to my Keyone, which does have personal information on it?

    Or are such hotspot passwords walled-in so there's no way to sneak into another device that way?

    Yeah, it's paranoid and what am I doing having personal stuff on a seven year old phone, but I'd like to know.

    For any enlightment, thanks!
    04-05-23 07:00 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Seven year old phone has a few more known security vulnerabilities than your six year old Keyone... like comparing which poisonous snake is more lethal. It's not paranoia to simply use common safety recommendations - don't use outdated software.

    As for TickTock... A LOT of security experts have looked at it, and continue to look at it. From what I've seen no one has found a direct issue with it. It doesn't use end-to-end encryption so it's not a great messaging platform... but that's not what it's really for. Most the experts say they would let their older kids use it. But they do warn that if you work for the federal government or a big company with trade secrets to protect... you really shouldn't.
    04-06-23 08:01 AM

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