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    I installed 128gb sd card in my DTEK50 as an internal memory. I thought that I will be able to save photos and videos on sd card, but I can't. Even maps downloaded in MAPS.ME app are stored in internal memory. See attachment - almost 16gb full.
    When I connect DTEK50 to my PC as an USB disk and I choose MTP, I can only see folders that are storein in internal memory, not on my SD card. Moreover, it only shows 9.5gb?

    Question is, can I create folders on my sd card in this case? Do I have an access to whole internal memory (16+128)? I cannot keep photos and videos on my sd card - the option in Camera settings is greyed out and I can't switch it.
    I'd like to have a few movies on my phone, but when I transfer files on in, it shows out ow memory message.

    thank you,

    Attached Thumbnails DTEK50 and SD Card set as internal issue-20171029_100122.jpg   DTEK50 and SD Card set as internal issue-20171029_100812.jpg  
    10-29-17 05:15 AM
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    There are good reason not to format your SD card as Adoptable Storage and you seem to have found a couple already.

    Just re-format as a normal SD card and you'll have no trouble saving your media files to it and you'll be able to access it from you computer

    And as a bonus feature, if your phone dies, you won't loose all your SD card files.
    11-16-17 09:19 PM

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