1. acmasf23's Avatar
    sent DTEK50 in to repair the OTG function.
    the charging works but the OTG (data part) does not work
    the OTG was working for a few weeks only.
    if i insert the USB stick (micro USB end, or USB end with a misco USB adapter) the OTG will work if i hold it and bend it at an angle, but once i let go, it will disconnect

    got an RMA number and a waybill, sent it to BB
    they sent the phone back to me, and did not send me an email to notify me that it was on the way back, and i only discovered that is was sitting at the UPS warehouse after i sent an email asking for an update a few weeks later. they told me it was at the UPS warehouse, but did not tell me the tracking number. i had to ask for the tracking number before i could get information from UPS.

    picked up the phone from UPS.
    the phone's battery was drained to 0%
    the USB port was NOT changed; it is the same port.
    I know it is the same port because my scratch marks are on it!!

    the test and repair form also said they updated the software to AAK406, but it has not been changed. i did not send it in to have the software updated, but to have the USB port replaced!
    the repair form also mentions "Additional Equipment, Sim Tray"
    why is that even mentioned? the tray is there, it has my serial number on it.
    i sent the phone in to have the USB port replaced !!!!

    it appears the entire repair form is for another phone.

    i contacted BB many times with email, and after a week, the only response i got was,
    "As per the repair notes, the USB port was replaced. Can you please confirm if your device is able to charge ?"

    they still do NOT understand that the phone USB port was not fixed!!
    i told them the phone charges.
    no response again!

    is BB usually this incompetent?
    07-03-17 09:29 PM
  2. nomi1978's Avatar
    I had asked for an advanced exchange for issues with my DTEK60. they initially sent me a 50 and then I called in again, received the right device and sent my original in. I think advanced exchange is the way to go with your device as well.
    07-03-17 10:37 PM

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