1. thegasmanuk's Avatar
    Has anyone successfully managed to load to android recovery on a DTEK50.

    Whether I press VOL+ and power, or VOL- and power, I get the bootloader, where I get options to:

    Continue the bootup.
    Reboot into fastboot.
    turn off the device

    If I type ADB reboot recovery from ADB terminal, the phone reboots to something that looks like recovery, but gives me several language options.

    If i select English, ERROR is displayed, and the phone reboots as normal.

    What i am trying to do, is sideload google assistant, and the latest android dialer to the phone. I know this can be done with other android devices, as I have successfully done this on a Galaxy S6, an Elephone P9000 and two Zopo speed 7+'s. The first two are running Nougat, and the Zopos are running Marshmallow.
    05-07-17 06:55 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    You won't get anywhere. That's part of BlackBerry's security, blocking off the full access to recovery needed to do such things.
    05-07-17 06:53 PM
  3. thegasmanuk's Avatar
    That kind of defeats the whole point of open sourced android firmware to start with.

    More to the point, for many, the attraction of Android, is the ability to customise most aspects of the device.

    Company phone, not my own, at least now i know the limitations.
    05-08-17 04:07 PM

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