10-27-18 06:15 AM
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  1. Ausaf Sajid Ansari's Avatar
    In my blackberry dtek 50 I am having a june security patch level
    The build number is ABB046
    10-23-18 01:35 AM
  2. yeo123's Avatar
    Hello guys, can you please give me a hint? I still wondering if I should buy dtek50. After a while is a BB device which I like (even though if it has not finger print reader). But I am not sure about this device. the most annoying con is Nougat update. The biggest pro is BB HUB which I like and know from Z10 another thing is the more usable environment than is in the Android in default. But I will appreciate if someone give me a hint. Is BB dtek50 with tuned Android still good and secured BB or is better to buy something with real OS10 (Leap, Classic)? Thanks a lot!
    Recommend blackberry motion. It battery life is good, 2Ghz faster processor.
    10-27-18 06:15 AM
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