1. kchops's Avatar
    My daughter has a dtek50 that will not charge she took it to a phone repair shop who changed the usb port and it worked for about a week and stopped charging again she tried different chargers etc and return it to the repair shop who said it was the battery they could not supply a battery and told her if she got a battery they would fit it. Today the new battery was fitted and the phone was working when my daughter returned home she plugged the phone in to charge up it was showing 60% but steadily through the afternoon it has dropped to 10%
    Has anyone else had a problem with a dtek50 not charging?
    09-01-18 03:21 PM
  2. HMG1K's Avatar
    Mine is similar, too an hour to charge 20%, fine. other times it can take an hour for 5%. several times over night it takes an age to charge. Others, like last night it only charged to 60% and I had to do the rest via USB in the car and at work.
    09-02-18 10:28 AM
  3. TheCLEANSER's Avatar
    My wife just recently had a similar problem... turned out to be the charging port ...
    14.99 at Esourceparts and it's one of the first parts to be removed during a tear down video easily found on YouTube...
    Her phone charges properly now...
    09-17-18 08:36 PM

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