1. galwkn's Avatar

    this week I received a new DTEK50 by my company.
    Generally it's working fine, including the pairing with my hands-free system in the car:

    I'm using the rSAP option. So the DTEK50 provides SIM access to the car and gets back internet access by wlan some seconds later.
    The SIM card PIN code is stored by the card and so it works automatically everytime when I go into my car.

    Unfortunately my DTEK50 gets a problem when I leave the car. Then the DTEK50 will be locked completely like after a restart: I must enter the device PIN code and the SIM PIN code to reactivate the mobile. Otherwise all incoming calls will be redirected to the mail box.

    This never happened with my Samsung Galaxys. They are going back to autonomous mode when the bluetooth connection is broken.

    Regards, Frank
    01-11-18 09:02 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Quick search and I found two others here with that issue on the PRIV too, and no known fixes.

    Might try searching on Android forums to see if there are any Android in general... tweaks.

    Surprised a company would just now issue a new phone that has been EOL on the hardware end and doesn't look to be getting updates too much longer.
    01-11-18 09:58 AM

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