1. oldmangeddyboy's Avatar
    Ok I've ranted enough about this phone so now this I promise is my last.
    I'm not a big app user I have the inevitable Facebook/WhatsApp on there along with some news and sports apps,and my email,but when I've used any of these or say watched a YouTube video the phone becomes almost too hot to touch,the heat even through a case and a glass screen protector is scarry,I have to turn the phone off and let it cool down,I know none of these phone have done the galaxy exploding phone trick but the heat from this phone is terrifying,before I finally ditch it for good I'm wondering has anyone else had a similar problem? I'm sad to be leaving blackberry but having read the issues with the the keyone and yes I know not all of them I feel maybe it's time to try elsewhere.
    03-21-18 10:42 AM
  2. falbo's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that you are having these problems with the dtek50. I also have the same phone but without the issue you describe. I don't have Facebook and only opened a twatter account at the weekend to ask @blackberry help for help. I watch you tube also with my Bluetooth headphones and the moto gp last night on BT sport with no heating issue at all. Has it always been like that or has it gradually got worse? I find it not a bad phone but lacking monthly updates since November. I prefer a pkb but reluctant to move to a k1 due to the problems I read in the forum regarding screen issue etc. Hope you find a solution soon.
    03-21-18 12:41 PM
  3. oldmangeddyboy's Avatar
    hi glad you've better luck than I have,yes it's always been a problem but over the last month the heating up issue has gradually gotten worse,to the point I'm now worried about using it at all,I've wiped the phone several times without any joy so Its time unfortunately to trade it in.
    03-21-18 03:36 PM
  4. oldmangeddyboy's Avatar
    twatter account 😁
    falbo likes this.
    03-21-18 03:37 PM

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