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    This is the second time all folder names spontaneously and unexpectedly disappear from all folders containing app shortcuts on my screen(s).

    Nothing unusual was done on the device, other than routine usage of benign apps and incoming phone calls.

    I can confirm this has happened at least twice in a couple of months on one of my DTEK50's but never on my second DTEK50.

    Any suggestions as to what would cause this unexpected behavior and how to prevent it from happening?

    11-26-17 11:21 AM
  2. Ethynil's Avatar
    Continuing issue with my DTEK50. Every time the phone is rebooted, all folder titles disappear.

    Anyone else seeing this behavior?
    11-30-17 09:49 AM
  3. Ethynil's Avatar
    Discussion of this topic is taking place elsewhere on the Forum HERE
    12-01-17 03:16 PM

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