1. Berry888's Avatar
    I used by DTEK50 mainly for emails and I don't do any streamlining on my phone. I typically used 2.5GB data out of my 6GB of data limit every month since I got the phone in Dec. 2017

    In mid-Aug, 2017, I got an alert that I had consumed 10GB of data ! But I have not changed the way how I used my DTEK50.

    I check my data usage breakdown, and it said my "Blackberry Hub+Services" had consumed 9GB of data, with the majority coming from background data. So, I disabled background data on cellular networks. It helps but my foregound data was still increasing.

    My usage cycle began on Sept. 1, and I noticed my foregound data was up to 2.2GB in just eight days, which I typically consumed in 30 days every month.

    Does anyone have the similar issue? Thanks in advance.
    09-08-17 05:37 PM
  2. Hillary Blackerby's Avatar
    yes I have a Priv and I started a new billing cycle on October 3rd and by October 4th I had used 2 gigs when i rarely use that much in one month! It's now the 25th and I've used 4.7 GB, doing nothing out of the ordinary. It's Hub+services that has used 3.99 GB of that. I have absolutely no idea what to do about it but I can't afford this!
    10-25-17 06:04 PM

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