1. Mark WR12's Avatar
    I have looked around every where on the Internet to try and figure this out.

    I just got a fossil q marshal smartwatch. Charged it up, connected to phone, it automatically synced the comparable apps. Got a bbm notification on there already. Google maps is working perfect, spotify and Google play music are functional. But on the contact screen i have the No contacts found add contacts own our phone screen.

    It is connected to Bluetooth and WiFi and all connections seem to be ok.

    I have tried repairing, restarting, starring contacts as favorites, checked all syncing options on Google as well as the watch and cannot get anything to show up. I also read that it could just take a while to sync the contacts - left it overnight with no success.

    Anyone else have any issues with this?
    02-25-17 12:11 PM
  2. falbo's Avatar
    As you already have the latest updates from Google play store etc not sure what is happening. I use the sony smartwatch 2 and didn't come across this . Could it have anything to do with the dtek app? Maybe look in the dtek app under permissions and see if the watch app has permission for your contacts.
    02-26-17 05:59 AM

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