1. JavaScriptDude's Avatar
    Its a very common usecase to turn on speaker phone when dialing a phone number. The phone rings just fine on speaker but once the call is picked up the speaker phone turns off and I have to press it again. This is a royal pain and I'm surprised that this is an ongoing bug with the dtek50.

    If someone and BlackBerry is paying attention, can you please fix this? If something should work 100% on this smartphone it should be the phone.


    (10+ years of using a BlackBerry)
    05-15-17 10:27 AM
  2. TheDutch20's Avatar
    It happens from time to time.. Some times it stays on while the person picks up the other end..
    05-18-17 04:19 AM
  3. Macdtek's Avatar
    Is it when you put the phone to you head (mouth) to speak? Maybe it's something to do with the screen off mode when it's along side your head. On my 60 when I'm on speaker phone I usually talk into the phone from anywhere between a few inches and few feet away.
    05-18-17 05:48 AM
  4. BerrySpawn's Avatar
    I just tried this on my dtek50 and don't experience your behaviour. I type in my number and press dial. As it's dialing, I press speaker audio. I can hear the calling tone through the speaker. When call connects, it remains on speaker. I can switch between handset and speaker freely with the audio button. Pulling the phone to my ear, it remains on speaker. Something funky has happened to your phone.
    jamesharmeling likes this.
    05-18-17 06:08 PM

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