1. blockbuy's Avatar
    Hey all - got one of these cracking DTEK50s for my youngest - very very under rated device imo.

    Anyhow, screen is cracked 2 weeks in and for the life of me can't locate a source of spares anywhere. Happy to have a crack at changing the screen - or if none available then handing over to Blackberry to repair (if such a concept exists - at least to talk to someone there who may be able to direct to an appropriate fix it place)

    Blackberry online support is, well, like one of those online support sites that just want to avoid giving out human contact options.

    So 2 questions

    1. Anyone got a source of spare screens?
    2. What would be the best Blackberry number to see how best to get fixed?
    3. yes 3, 3 questions. Anyone with one of these and with a cracked screen managed to get one fixed at the 'boutique' places in an around towns?

    Cheers all

    03-23-17 01:06 PM
  2. Dmd74's Avatar
    03-23-17 01:15 PM
  3. blockbuy's Avatar
    Thats brill, much appreciated.
    Guess I should have qualified it with UK location.
    Best add - not looking to send off to any old tom, **** or harry - either Blackberry approved (hence requirement for contact number), source of screen :-)
    03-23-17 01:44 PM

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