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    Just got my new DTEK50, and am trying to copy my content from my Z10 to it, using the Content Transfer app on both machines via my private network. It seemed to be coping pictures and contacts, but was sitting for several hours with something like 'receiving accounts' displayed on the DTEK50 and 'transferring keyboard shortcuts' on the Z10. I say 'something like' for the DTEK50 because despite it saying I could do other things with it while the transfer was taking place, once I went to do something else the content transfer app seems to have gone away. When I click on it now it seems to be asking me to start over.

    I hit cancel on the Z10 because I saw no option at that point.

    When I looked on the DTEK50 for the photos they were nowhere to be found. The only photos in the 'photos' folder were two I took with the DTEK50 camera.

    And most of my contacts were transferred, but a few were not, with no pattern I could discern.

    There seems to be precious little documentation on this Content Transfer app and how to use it. Can anyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

    Thank you!


    02-05-17 03:02 AM
  2. maurits60's Avatar
    In the past I set my Z10 save contacts to the device. Now I'm switching to DTEK50 and contacts need to get transfered to my sim card. I tried http://http://ca.blackberry.com/supp...lsmfyqgsfvylnv. Z10 starts uploading everything to Google Drive. After a while Google Drive showing it's not empty anymore. Downloading with DTEK50 doesn't start because the old device is still uploading. Which it isn't.

    But the new file names on Google Drive are somewhat cryptic. I would not know what is what and where to put them on the new device by hand. The app itself seems to be taking another route. It is not consistent with the above manual. The transfer app fails anyway. I should try another app maybe.
    02-10-17 05:19 AM

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