1. bob bagheri's Avatar
    Hi. I was thinking of getting another dtek and having it setup exactly like the one I have now, which includes setup, apps,contacts, etc......everything., basically a clone......is there an app or quick procedure?
    06-03-17 08:51 PM
  2. Ethynil's Avatar
    Start by using the Content Transfer App in the new phone, and when setting up the phone, use the same Google account. That way, all your installed apps from the App Store will be downloaded.

    Ensure that you log into all other accounts associated with your phone, so all your content is synchronized.

    All you may have to do is enable some specific phone settings, and enter login passwords for specific apps.

    There may be a few minor adjustments and tweaks that are device specific, but those would be minor.
    06-04-17 01:18 PM
  3. bob bagheri's Avatar
    Very good. Thanks for the reply...
    Ethynil likes this.
    06-04-17 06:03 PM

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