1. Mithrandrost's Avatar
    Two years ago, I bought the DTEK50 for my son who had just entered high school. It was on sale for $300 (CDN).

    Overall, it has lasted two years of continuous heavy use (and abuse) by a teenager.

    Grudgingly, he would probably say the best thing about it is the sound and the virtual keyboard. Also, now that it is worked in and beat up, it has certain "cool factor". He is probably the only kid with a Blackberry, which cuts both ways.

    Over two years, it has rarely been off and has been used for video games more than half of the time. The phone itself has been put to use very little as kids these days text almost exclusively.

    IMO, for the younger set, there is probably a need for a device out there that is more geared to games, music and text. Almost no need for other functions. Maybe an iPod with SMS capability.

    The DTEK50 lives on!
    12-17-18 04:17 PM
  2. Platinum_2's Avatar
    DTEK50 is/was a great device. I like mine a lot...even as we near 2019. Highly underrated. IMO, it's the BlackBerry Android version of the Z30. Better in every way except no BB10. I can still go all day or more on a single charge with moderate use.

    Even though I'm stuck on Marshmallow, it works great! I actually like Marshmallow because it has features that were lost in Nougat and Oreo. Very reliable OS. Great size too.
    12-17-18 05:01 PM

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