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    Does anyone have experience with the Zimbra calendar function Specifically: could you guide me through adding appointments to the Zimbra calendar on my desktop so that they will sync with my Blackberry Calendar.

    I just started using Zimbra yesterday at my office (this is the work e-mail client). I added the first calendar appointment by going to "new", filling out the requested information, selecting myself as an "attendee", and then saving it. This worked perfectly and it automatically showed up on my Blackberry because my Blackberry has my work e-mail going to it.

    When I tried to select myself as an attendee for further appointments it did not automatically show up on the Blackberry in the calendar. It will not automatically just add calendar appointments to my Blackberry's Calendar, and it only worked for the first appointment that I entered when selecting myself as an "attendee".

    I am wondering if there is a way to sync the two without having to add anyone as an "attendee". After the first time I did that - it seems as though Zimbra realized I was adding myself to my own appointments and it thought it was an unnecessary step so it just stopped doing it.

    I know it's capable because it did it with the first appointment entered . So frustrating because it was so seemless!!

    I know this is more of a Zimbra issue, but I guess I was thinking there may be a way to just do it by sync'ing calendars. I tried to google help, and I did see something about going into your BB Calendar and hitting options to check on the wireless sync. For my work e-mail in that BB calendar options, it has three options basically " Appointment Color", "Wireless Synchronization", and "Display Reminders". The wireless Synchronization for this email address is set to NO. It does not give me the ability to select YES. Could this be an issue?

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