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    I have one Curve that is an 8330m, and as such, needs to be updated from a different computer than our 8330s since it's a different OS.

    The problem is that the desktop running Windows XP will not recognize the PIN code of the device. It will see it for mass storage and such, but not for DM4.5 (what came with the device). Even the "detect" setting is grayed out.

    Vista will of course read the PIN for the 8330m and would be happy to upgrade it, but I have my 8330 software on here so that's impossible.

    Any ideas where to find the XP device drivers? Couldn't find them on CD unless I'm looking in the wrong place.

    Please help.
    08-22-09 11:22 AM
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    The USB Drivers for Windows XP are part of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager package. They will be installed with the other components.

    If I understand correctly, you want to maintain a couple different models of BlackBerry. There is no problem doing multiple devices on a single computer.

    Install the device OS software as normal. Applications Loader keeps them seperate and selects the correct one for the device connected.

    I maintain both a Curve and Pearl that way.
    08-22-09 11:27 AM
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    But the drivers for Windows XP were NOT installed with the software, that's the problem. XP will only ready any of the 3 Curves (2 8330s and one 8330m) as mass storage. It will not see or detect any of the PINs.

    I've also tried installing the 8330m device software on my Vista laptop since that will read the PINs correctly, but each time I try to install 8330m, it says that I must uninstall any previous BB OS. Can't do that cause I have the two 8330 plains operating off that.

    If I could just locate the correct drivers for XP, I believe the issue would be solved. Either that or help me figure out how to get Vista to accept another BB OS without messing with my other custom OS. :-)
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    That is very strange, I have just reviewed my XP configuration and it is working smoothly.

    The place to start is Windows Control Panel, Programs. Do you have BlackBerry Desktop Software installed? If so, which version?

    Next, navigate too c:\program files\common files\reserach in motion and verify there are several directories present, including USB Drivers?

    If they are there, do you have a media card installed in the BlackBerry?

    The Windows XP default USB drivers will see the media card as a removable drive and provide the charging current for the battery.

    it says that I must uninstall any previous BB OS ...
    I have never seen that message, I have multiple versions installed for two different models. It is possible the 8330 and 8330m are so close they may not be able to co-exist, but that has never been reported here.
    08-22-09 01:13 PM
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    Yes, I have Desktop Manager 4.7 installed. Yes, there are several directories installed just like on my Vista machine, and USB drivers is one of them. There ARE listings in USB folder now, but even attempting to update drivers with windows update or online search tells me I have the newest drivers.

    There is a media card installed in the BB and as stated, mass storage is working perfectly. The problem is in DM seeing any of the BBs.

    Thanks for your help ... wish I could tell you why this isn't working on XP but I have no idea. I am attempting now to DL a radically different version for the 8330m in the hopes that it will install on Vista with the other 8330 OS, and on the XP machine I have uninstalled DM and the OS with RevoUninstaller, rebooted, manually removed any remaining folders, cleaned the registry, rebooted again (lol, hate that), and am now attempting a fresh install of 4.7 again. Hopefully ONE of the two solutions will work.


    Well, no matter what version of DM I install, my XP desktop will NOT read any BB device it seems. I've tried all different USB ports and different cords and no joy. That one has me stumped.

    I did however manage to get the newest Cellular South 8330m OS installed and running happily alongside my 8330 custom OS. After removing the vendor file, the 8330m updated like a dream! If I tried to install the "m" version of the same OS I am using on my plain 8330s, it errored out asking me to uninstall previous version though. If anyone else runs into this, just try a different version OS and it should work without yellin' at ya. :-)
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