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    Okay, here is my dilemma. I currently have US celluar on a nationwide plan, 1000 minutes for 49.99. Well I was due for a new phone so I went with the BB 8330 Curve. Now I am originally from Iowa but recently moved to Minneapolis where US Cellular does not have coverage so I am on roaming, no big deal right, I have a nationwide plan. So I get the phone and do a *228 on it to activate, keep in mind US Cell is CDMA, it goes to a Verizon tower up here because it was roaming. Okay, end the call, it says activation unsuccessful, so I try making calls and using the browser and everything works fine so I thought no big deal.

    This is where it gets interesting. Well the data was working but then it would stop working. So it would work fine for a couple minutes at a time then stop for like a half hour, the only way around this is to reset connections and then it starts working again (sometimes). So I call US Cell Tech support and sit on the phone with them for about 3 hours while they try to wipe the blackberry and blah blah blah. Well after 3 hours on the phone the guy says, "how far away are you from our regular coverage" I says about 45 minutes and I can be on one of your towers and not the verizon ones. He says " ill give you 75 dollars off your bill if you will just drive to this area, do the *228 and then everything should be fine". He claimed that when i activated it on a verizon tower something got messed up and it programmed the phone for their service.

    So I drive to the nearest coverage area, do the activation call, I get a US Cellular message this time and it says ACTIVATION SUCCESSFUL! So I thought everything would be great and wonderful which it was for about an hour or so until I got back here to minneapolis and now it started doing the same thing, mind you it works better, but im CONSTANTLY having to turn my connections off and then restore them when the data fails.

    Anyone have any suggestions what may be causing this? Does Verizon just suck? Is it because im roaming? Any input would be great!!!!
    08-08-09 08:54 AM
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    All I got to say is VZW coverage in Mpls is great, its hard for me to find a dead zone even though you will. Just got to read the small yet fine print.

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    08-08-09 08:59 AM
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    I think im gonna post this on the US CELLULAR carrier threads! Can someone please delete this!!!!
    08-08-09 09:04 AM
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    08-08-09 10:38 AM