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    It's a phone from Verizon Wireless.I tried purchasing them on the Verizon Wireless site and i wasnt able to use it. Where is a good site to get some tones. Thanks.

    10-03-08 10:44 PM
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    10-03-08 10:46 PM
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    Another good place is............THIS WEBSITE! There's a whole bunch of free ringtones! Feel free to make some and upload to the site as well, the more people helping one another the better the "library".
    10-03-08 11:47 PM
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    10-04-08 07:51 PM
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    10-05-08 12:26 AM
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    Best site ever.
    10-05-08 01:42 AM
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    The best way to get ringtones on your "pink curve" is as follows:

    Get a regular house hold tin can and poke a hole in the bottom with a nail. Now get a piece of string and secure it through the hole in the bottom of the can. Now take the other end of the string and place it into the 3.5mm jack of your BB.

    Next, sing your favourite Britney Spears or Mile Cyrus songs directly into the tin can and when complete press "Save"
    10-05-08 05:59 AM
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    Hey if you wanna ringtones then this is better option. Where you get lots of ringers, even can personalize ringtones and many more.

    I got to know this from my friend and we really get rocking ringtones here
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    11-28-08 01:02 AM
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    sorry guys, the OP is looking for ringtones for a PINK Curve. None of those sites support the pink curve. just the normal silver one. Sorry, your pretty much out of luck. Your BB uses the ever exclusive PinkMP3 format (songtitle.PMP3) Not to many sites are carrying these yet.
    11-28-08 04:42 AM