1. NADA918's Avatar
    My girlfriend has an 8330 with VZ. One day a black and blue box started coming up when she made a call..

    Now whoever she calls her CID shows up as "private"

    Nothing has been changed or installed.

    Called vz and they had her pull the battery out and do *228

    Didn't work..

    So they left it at that

    Any one here know what that is and how to fix it?

    Anything is appreciated!!
    09-03-09 10:31 PM
  2. Towlieismyhomeboy's Avatar
    I would call verizon again and ask them to check the provisioning on the phone. It sounds like an issue with the network. To be honest you didn't get a very good rep. They hardly did any troubleshooting with you. Call back and get someone better I hope this helps
    09-03-09 10:52 PM