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    Hi All

    Hope every1 is doing well and enjoying their BlackBerry 8520. I had some questions about Apps for my 8520. I have installed Viber from BB World and use it over WiFi. But if I use the internet thru my normal [non BB] Data plan I cannot seem to use Viber. Same thing for when I use the Twitter/Facebook App. It says service not available. I can check my Twitter/Facebook thru Opera Mini browser. I assume the Apps only work thru WiFi.
    I will now install WhatsApp from BB World. I was wondering if it will only work thru WiFi. Is there any way to use Viber/WhatsApp thru a normal [non BB] data plan? Please do let me know, because if there is a way, then I would like to install more apps. Thanking all in advance,

    08-03-14 03:35 AM
  2. goodayeh's Avatar
    You need to use a BIS plan.
    BBOS devices require this to work .
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    08-03-14 11:19 AM

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