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    Okay, well I've been searching around for the past couple of days trying to get an answer for this one. This happens on, .250, and (but not as bad) with (which I am running now).
    My 8900 will randomly decide it wants to drop UMA. There is no service inside of my house and I'm lucky if I even pick up one bar of EDGE outside. My network settings are set to wifi preferred (I even tried wifi only). My phone will randomly and sometimes frequently just drop UMA (it says SOS), but the wifi is still connected and I can still browse the web over wifi. Sometimes turning wifi off and back on fixes it, other times I have to reset my router. This happens no matter what hotspot I connect to but with different results. My netgear wireless B/G router drops the connection less frequently than my belkin N router.
    UMA also drops sometimes when I get off of a call. It still says its connected, but when I try to send SMS it disconnects and I have to reset the router again.
    Does anyone have an idea as to whats going on? I don't think it's the device as this is my second 8900 and the issues are the exact same as the first one.
    **edit**Thought I would add, UMA never stays connected overnight. If i reset the router and get it connected before I got to bed, I wake up to SOS, everytime.
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    10-02-09 11:30 AM
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    Check the UMA Guide link in my signature.
    10-02-09 11:37 AM
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    I already configured my router that way a few days ago, I still get the same problem of UMA connectivity dropping. Wifi still stays connected though. Could this just be a Tmobile network issue?
    10-02-09 12:02 PM
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    Okay well decided to try resetting the router to the defaults, same issues, reconfigured router, same issues. Now with defaults and the above tweaked settings UMA has been dropping roughtly every 2 to 3 minutes consistently. I need to find out if this is a device issue or a tmobile network issue. It can't be the router as wifi for web browsing still works on both the device and my netbook, it is just UMA that drops.
    10-02-09 02:20 PM
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    Update: Changed the channel from 6 to 11. I walked around the inside and outside of the house and UMA signal has been pretty consistent, has not dropped yet.
    10-02-09 02:25 PM
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    I have read a lot of suggestions on this and other boards about dropping of UMA connections on blackberrys. My particulars are a BB Pearl 8120 on T-Mobile, Linksys WRT54G router, Verizon DSL (3 mb) using Westell modem. When I first got the blackberry it would drop the UMA connection a few times a day. When my wife got a second unit identical to mine, we started getting UMA drops constantly. Either unit may be connected at any given time, rarely both. Both would connect to the router, but getting up/running on the T-mobile UMA connection was a constant frustration. Battery removal on the BBerry immediatley allowed for reconnection on power-up, but the connection would soon be dropped on 1 or both bberrys. I tried tweaking the router config based on tech support and forum recommendations, etc., but no real improvement. What I DID do that a.) helped and b.) ultimately solved may be of interest if these conditions exist on your particular setup:

    1. I established on the router 2 static IP addresses and assigned these addresses to the 2 blackberrys. They seemed to hold the connection better, but far from perfect. However, they much more quickly re-established connections on power-up and when converting from EDGE away from home to the UMA connection at the house.

    2. The "smoking gun" and real problem fix occured by trial/error. I have (had) a DirectTV DVR hooked to the router via ethernet cable and it runs fine. BUT, when I disconnected the DVR from the router the UMA problem immediately and completely went away. I'm not a techie, so I have no explanation why, but it worked for me! If anyone out there can explain this, I would love to know the "why", but for now I am happy that the UMA drops are completely gone (3 days and counting)!
    10-13-09 12:17 PM