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    OK to make a long story sort I got soapy water on the keyboard of my curve and I tried to get it all out.The screen went black so i pulled the battery and let it dry out. After letting it dry out for a couple hours I put the battery back in and it turns on but the buttons dont work correctly. When I hit the I button ed comes up. When I hit the center ball to select something it wants to call someone. Is there anything I can do to save this phone?? any help is appreciated.
    08-10-09 06:39 PM
  2. MrWheelMan's Avatar
    Do a search for water in phone or some such and you'll see the general advice for such things. I think you should have let it dry for longer than 2 hours though, unless you took it apart and made sure it was dry. The damage is done to a wet phone when you turn it on before it's dry because stuff gets shorted out. If you did any damage by turning it on too soon, it's probably too late unless you can actually replace the damaged parts.

    Others with more experience might have helpful suggestions though.
    08-10-09 06:51 PM
  3. crandle13's Avatar
    Pull battery and leave for DAYS. Low heat hair dryer not a bad idea either. U may need to pull it apart entirely and either clean the corrosion prone areas or replace damaged parts.

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    08-10-09 07:04 PM
  4. slite's Avatar
    First thing: TAKE THE BATTERY OUT.

    If you are new to this and nervous about putting a hairdryer to your phone, then you can use rice.

    Take your phone and put it in a ziplocked bag of rice. Make sure the phone is completely submerged. Leave it for several days (2 hours was not NEARLY enough time).

    If you are comfortable doing so...I would take the phone apart (im comfortable) and clean all the parts and connectors with rubbing alcohol and a Qtip, then in the rice).

    If you are REALLY REALLY comfortable and the corrosion is everywhere...then I would (and have done in the past) get one of those sonic jewelry cleaners and put 1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1/2 distilled water and piece by piece run the cleaner for about 10 minutes each, replacing the solution...THEN into the rice. (it has to be really bad to do this...I had a phone completely submerged in sunscreen and water for hours...I did this and the phone is as good as new). DO NOT SUBMERGE THE LCD SCREEN!

    BUT: if you have insurance, be aware that if the phone goes missing, they will replace it no questions asked (just be sure you get a new SIM).

    Hope this helps. You can find instructions on YouTube to take the phone apart by typeing in "take apart Blackberry Curve"
    08-11-09 12:07 AM