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    well i have been reading about water damaged blackberry curves, and i've read about the white stickers, and luckily mine is still fully white.. but the batteries sticker is somewhat kinda pinkish/redish but not fully. so im planning to put it in a plastic food bag and zip it up and let it sit in front of a window where the sun goes through in every morning, will this be bad? and im pretty sure its completely dried.

    what happen? was that water got in it and i took out the battery and the sim card then i put the battery and sim card back in after about 15 minutes and it worked but then after awhile the screen took white? will i have any luck in getting it back alive?!

    hopefully past water damaged users could help me with this

    thank you.
    05-31-10 10:30 PM
  2. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    Probably not. First thing to do when your phone gets wet is to shut it off and take out the battery or just pull out the battery and let everything dry for about two days. The worst thing to do is to turn the phone back on right after it happens. It's Fried......good luck.

    Fix A Wet Berry - CB help thread
    05-31-10 10:45 PM
  3. lee714's Avatar
    dannng it ! )= just got it too bought it 3 days ago for 70$ used! really nothing i can do?
    05-31-10 10:48 PM
  4. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    For one, take it out of the bag. It's just gonna trap any moisture and make it worse. Let everything sit in the sun for a day. Phone, battery and keep the battery cover off and let everything dry. Don't be tempted to turn the phone back on too quick. let it dry good.

    Read the link I posted above. It's the best advice on what to do.
    05-31-10 10:54 PM
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    sounds goood, will do ! thanks
    05-31-10 11:27 PM
  6. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    No problem.. good luck.
    05-31-10 11:29 PM
  7. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    If the battery sticker has a series of red/pink X's, this is completely normal and not a sign of moisture exposure.
    06-01-10 05:31 AM
  8. lee714's Avatar
    good to know, thank you
    06-01-10 01:23 PM
  9. lee714's Avatar
    wahoo! it still works its been 3 days ( :
    06-01-10 05:35 PM