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    Ok so I went swimming in the ocean for about 2 minutes with my phone in my back pocket. real smart I know thanks. I put it in rice blow dryer you name it I tried it. All i get is the white screen with an hour glass for about 2 seconds and then back to black. my question is if there is anyway I can retrieve my contacts from the device? any ideas tips anything to get a little more action from it? When the screen goes white, the desktop software sees the pin. However that is for only 2 seconds. I still have hope I will be able to retrieve the date with a little help from the crackberry community. thanks in advance!
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    07-19-09 11:19 PM
  2. jdazzle's Avatar
    Verizon should be able to retrieve the data for you in store.
    07-19-09 11:44 PM
  3. JBartlett's Avatar
    How long has it been drying? Mine has seen water 5 times, last time it took a week in a bowl of rice before I got any response from it whatsoever...
    07-20-09 04:47 AM
  4. Jim W's Avatar
    Might want to avoid using a hair dryer, unless you are using a no heat setting.
    07-20-09 05:05 AM
  5. fumbalah's Avatar
    I've been seeing a lot of rice success stories, but if you didn't leave it in the rice long enough, some corrosion could have already occurred.
    07-20-09 07:18 AM
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    a few days i guess. do i have to change the rice?
    07-20-09 02:04 PM
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    Try to get some fresh rice.. and put the phone back in there for another day or so... see if that works.
    07-20-09 02:14 PM
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    Ocean water is full of salt. You left your phone full of salt if you used rice to pull out the moisture. I gave my girlfriend's phone an alcohol bath after she spilled koolaid all over it. Might want to try an alcohol bath then shaking it some to get the salt loose and repeat that process a few times before finally putting in rice to dry. Stay away from the blow dryer. Putting by the windshield of your car is warm enough. You want it to dry slowly.

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    08-14-09 05:31 PM