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    I am thinking about upgrading the OS on my Blackberry 8900 to 5.0 (at the moment I am running 4.6). I have never done this before but with helpful guides and tips I think that it should be pretty straight forward! I basically started to thread to ask people who have already upgraded if they encountered any problems with the OS once it was installed? What are the pros and cons of 5.0?

    Basically I just want to know everything there is to know about 5.0!

    Sorry if this is a repeat of another thread, I did search but couldn't find exactly what I wanted.
    05-23-10 05:23 PM
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    there r different things to expect...

    -the bbm is more advanced w icons and barcode scans.
    -all txting is in one screen like aim msging and if u delete the msg, all histories of the convo. will be deleted as well.
    -u can change your theme layout 2 diff ways: zen and today
    -in the same option screen, u can change: wallppr, layout, download folder, or reset the theme defaults
    -your txt msgs now can have a picture to id the person u talk to, like an archive that reps that person: either automatically by facebook or by a oic u set for that person
    -the option screen has diff options avail. if you browse ur option screen, u'll c themes, status n so forth.
    -the theme screen will show the theme n icon next to it w/o dividing the theme name on the top half of the screen n the theme pic at the bottom. this makes theme changing easy then b4
    -in the picture folder, the photos can be viewed easier, transitioning to the next photo is smoother. (tapping "n" for the next photo is like a slidehow view)
    -u can "fit to screen" whatever size the photo is
    -when u zoom in a photo a certain view, ur current view (no matter how zoomed) can be set as a bkgd pic
    -in the applications screen, ur apps n files r organized by 3rd party, add-on n core
    -when u r txting someone n someone else txts u too, there is a pop-up msg at the bottom of the next txt fm someone else, it'll linger then hide
    -the media is now a folder, not just an icon, so u can add other media icons in that same folder
    -etc. "play w it". (if u play w ur current version enough, u'll guess the diff b/w the new n old versions)


    p.s. since i cant attach pictures, here is a link to where i captured some of the descriptions that i decribed here.

    Blackberry Curve 8900 Javelin - a set on Flickr
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    Thanks for your help, I can't wait to get home and upgrade now
    05-24-10 02:12 AM
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    The icons on my third party apps (Flickr, Facebook, etc.) seem a little fuzzy after upgrading.. Don't know if it's just me.. Anyone know how to fix them?
    05-24-10 03:39 AM
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    Okay so I've upgraded my operating system, all went well.

    The battery was full before I upgraded and now when I've gone to boot up my phone the battery says its dead and it wont boot up?

    05-24-10 05:24 AM
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    have u tried taking the battery out for 10 mins then putting it back in? I honestly upgraded 2ice b/c the 1st time something happened that i dont rmbr, but its a breeze afterwards
    05-24-10 03:33 PM
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    All is okay in the world now, I left it on charge for about twenty minutes and then it booted up thanks to everybody for your help!

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    05-24-10 04:30 PM