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    Man it was so easy to unlock my BB 8320.
    My friend couldn't believe me that you can get your phone unlocked for free from your carrier, he thinks the only way to unlock it is by paying for it.
    So we're at work when this discussion is going one. He dared me to call 611 customer service and so I did, I even put it on speaker phone so he could here.
    In a matter of one minute I was already talking to a pda rep. I told her that I was gonna go outta country in a few weeks and that I was planning on using a prepaid sim card. Without hesitation she told me she can help me with that.
    Just asked me for the IMEI # and my E-mail where the code will be sent to.
    My friend was surprised as it was happening, I was lol. He was a bit jealous that I can get VERY GOOD customer service from T-mobile 24/7 (It was 4am when I called) he's with att
    And does not have that luxery of customer service, every time he calls it seems their always in a bad mood.
    I called on Friday and recived the code on my BB E-mail Sunday morning.

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    09-02-08 02:52 AM
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    very nice... glad to hear things went well for you.
    09-02-08 09:10 AM