06-08-10 08:42 AM
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  1. LilacBleeds's Avatar
    Suck it up, the 8530 is a good phone..its not "cheap" and its definitely better if not the same as any other bb out there..you might be happy with a RAZR...

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    i agree it doesnt feel 'cheap' at all and mine seems to be really strong and the battery life on mine is really good last me 2 day and half days it made out of the same material as the old curve the back on my old one was plastic too so it feels no different
    06-05-10 01:15 PM
  2. dayylin's Avatar

    There were a couple of things that kind of took me by surprise when I first got mine but I did a search to find out the pros and cons. Any product out there will have people that it rocks for and others that don't like it.

    If you get the 9650, I hope it works out for ya.
    06-05-10 08:19 PM
  3. slappyking's Avatar
    i got the 8520 on tmo and i gotta say the battery life is far better than i ever expected and def get a day or more use on the same charge and i am a fb foursquare and twitter user
    unless the 8530 has some other apps or something on it that makes it work the battery different
    i must say my girl has a bold and i am jealous of it.....and want one lol but this one really isn't that bad and mine has taken a **** of a beating cause i am hard on my phones.......especially when angry lol
    06-06-10 01:06 AM
  4. cherryjuice's Avatar
    Oh Lawd~ blah blah blah! My husband just upgraded from a 8310 to a 8520 and he's stoked!! Hates the no flash but is over all satified with everything else. Personal preferance is the biggest issue here NOTHING else..

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    06-06-10 01:16 AM
  5. Jude526's Avatar
    I am an experienced BB user and I don't find the Curve to be an entry level device.
    I had the Tour and had nothing but issues with the trackball and after 4 of them made the jump to the Curve 8530. I couldn't hold out for the Bold. I will probably end up with it though in March when I am able to upgrade. But I am impressed with the Curve. I like the 5.0 OS on the Curve MUCH better than the Tour's. I had to downgrade to the 4.7 on the Tour. I do not have any issues with the Curve at all. It suits me just fine. I highly recommend it.

    I also respect a person's opinion and no one should feel they can't post their opinion on this site. I didn't realize kwkid owned the rights to say what can and what can't be said on this site.
    06-06-10 02:00 AM
  6. TAGPriest's Avatar
    I am new to BB, i picked up a BB 8530 on Sprint because of loss of job so that equaled loss of phone. No not lazy and worthless, hurt on job requiring back surgery. I had a LG Voyager through Verizmadic. And i loved it, probably the most reliable phone i have ever owned TILL NOW. I maybe be new but i am a savy tech GOD lol (not really). But i love it, i love the fact that their really isnt anything i cant do with it. But sadly now after messing with my wifes new bold, i am thinking of just shelling out for the 9650 2 months since i got my 8530 lol.
    06-08-10 08:42 AM
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