1. keigan's Avatar
    symptom: uncaught exception: ui engine accessed without holding the event lock error shows, messages in bbm are not viewable until hard reset performed.

    i have experienced this error with both of the two 8900s i have owned. this one is a refurb and began giving the error shortly after i restored from my old device backup. this leads me to believe that something i have done, somewhere, is causing this error to occur.

    i have backed up, wiped and restored on both devices and on the current device i have just reinstalled the os and all applications.

    i am on the rogers wireless network in canada, i have the current os freshly installed and here is a list of the few 3rd party applications i am using (note: this error occurred on my old device before i installed any third party apps.)

    thompson reuters news pro
    bigtincan buzzme

    (exact copy of what i pasted on the bb support forums...let's see where a solution comes from first!)
    08-09-09 10:23 PM
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    Check the 3rd Party Theme Problem link in my signature.
    08-09-09 10:25 PM