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    Got two problems, hope someone can help..

    First off, my emails from Gmail cannot be found on my phone after sending it from my laptop; the sound + vibrate settings I set for Gmail notifications are going off as they should, but there is no blinking red LED, icon notification, or the email itself anywhere in my messages box. Although, my hotmail emails come in fine..

    Secondly-may or may not be related-the sounds that were set for ringtones/alerts/SMSs, etc. do not go off as I set them.
    After rebooting, they will work normally. But after using my Media Player, all sounds "revert" to one sound effect: meaning the ringer, SMS, BBM, Alerts..all have the same sound when going off.

    Similarly for my Media Player, when the first track plays, it's normal, but when going to the next track, it silences itself and sound is brought back again only by hitting Pause then Play.

    --> I am running with that 8530 hybrid (so I can get much nicer themes). Maybe this has something to do with it? However in the case with the Gmails, it was working fine until recently. I hope you's can throw up some sound explanations/suggestions..
    Another possibility may be that there is not enough application memory (but I guess that doesn't really explain why it changes **** around on its own, sometime after doing a reboot)

    Thanks, and I'm hoping it's not caused by the "upgrade" cause it's starting to grow on me.
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    05-04-10 10:53 PM
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    Ok, well I'm not exactly sure about your email problem, I'll get back at you with that, but the sound problem happen to me too. It could be the OS your running, but the problem with mine was an app I downloaded. I noticed that after a while it would shut off all the sounds for some reason. Think of the time you started experiencing these problems, and then think about the apps you downloaded at that time. Try deleting the ones you think can be the cause of the problem one by one until you find the app causing the problem if thats what it is. This worked for me but might not for you

    Actually with the email thing that has also happened to me, but in different order. When I send an email from my phone I can't find it on my computer. I'll try to find a way to fix it.
    05-21-10 08:48 AM