1. gabrielle7372's Avatar
    I just got my Curve 8310 and am loving it. I am having one problem. I want to uninstall a few themes that I downloaded ota. All the posts I've searched and the manual have the same instructions:

    Delete a theme
    1. In the device options, click Theme.
    2. Highlight a theme.
    3. Press the Menu key.
    4. Click Delete.

    When I highlight the theme I don't get the "delete" option. These are the options I see:

    Download Themes
    Reset theme defaults
    Switch Application

    I'm running PocketMac on my Powerbook for syncing.

    Help please.......

    02-25-08 02:16 PM
  2. Hazysky's Avatar
    Go to options > Advanced options > applications and you should see the themes listed there. Highlight > hit menu key and select delete.
    02-25-08 02:35 PM
  3. jimmers's Avatar
    Yep... you have to delete the themes by going thru Applications.
    02-25-08 02:38 PM
  4. jimmers's Avatar
    OMG>...I'm officially a Crackberry "Abuser" now with the above post!
    02-25-08 02:39 PM
  5. gabrielle7372's Avatar
    Thanks everybody. I too am now a Crackberry abuser after just 5 day of use!!

    This is the best Blackberry site out here......
    02-25-08 03:40 PM
  6. msdizzydolores's Avatar
    Thank you for this. Now I know what to do.

    Woot woot!
    09-23-08 01:50 PM