1. JoeMundi10's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I have a bb 8520 and the trackpad is out of position it moves around when i am using it (i can feel it) and also every so often.. it will stop working, i can click down and look at the settings and everything but it wont move side to side or up and down, but it will click?

    what should i do!? dont really wanna dish out the 40-50$ to get a new one.. unless i really nede to1
    06-21-10 02:00 AM
  2. pilsbury's Avatar
    Its unfortunately a fairly common problem it seems. If your device is still under warranty, why not contact your provider for a replacement. I dont know of any way to fix it yourself. If you dont want to spend the money to replace it, I guess the only alternative is to live with it.
    06-21-10 04:31 AM