1. rae's Avatar
    Eep! What do I do?!
    06-16-08 12:21 AM
  2. jenaywins's Avatar
    Is it not functioning at all? Did anything happen to the phone before this happened? Did you try a battery pull??

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    06-16-08 12:24 AM
  3. rae's Avatar
    No battery pull yet. Is that known to help?

    Nothing's happened. I noticed it had stopped functioning in camera mode, but when I turned my phone on just now it moved a little bit, but wouldn't go up. Then suddenly it just stopped moving.
    06-16-08 12:27 AM
  4. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Could be something as simple as lint or some other debris

    Try the instructions here
    06-16-08 12:43 AM
  5. jenaywins's Avatar
    Try the battery pull while the phone is on. If this doesn't work, try amazingly's advice. Fyi: the battery pull is almost a universal cure all.

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    06-16-08 12:45 AM
  6. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Fyi: the battery pull is almost a universal cure all.
    Oooh yes lawd!!
    06-16-08 12:47 AM
  7. rae's Avatar
    Battery pull didn't work so I'll have to try the above.

    It only wants to go down, not up or to the side. Very annoying.
    06-16-08 09:32 AM
  8. rae's Avatar
    Bah, well - it goes side to side now but my trackball does not want to go up, even after being cleaned. So annoying.
    06-16-08 09:46 AM
  9. rae's Avatar

    It goes up, but I have to apply more pressure than usual. Any ideas?
    06-16-08 10:49 AM
  10. Username5300's Avatar
    Cleaning you BB with canned air is the best way to keep lint and otherws oout of your trackball and keyboards and other ports. Give that a try, if doesn't work pull the rind off and check the trackball.
    06-16-08 10:51 AM
  11. cmckeegan's Avatar
    I had this same thing happen, I found the instructions for cleaning the track ball, and had to take it apart and clean it. Turned out there was a large piece of pocket lint under the ball hampering the rollers. Once I put it back together, it worked better than it did when it was brand new.
    06-16-08 01:37 PM
  12. sherrybessie's Avatar
    how do you take it apart to clean it?
    any help would be aprreciated.
    07-14-10 07:30 PM