1. KvnKr's Avatar
    I've searched the forums and I didn't find any threads to help me so forgive me if this issue has already been addressed.

    Recently I've noticed that my trackball/keypad backlighting never goes out completely, it only dims when the screen goes out. When I turn the blackberry off the light remains on even though the phone is off. I also tried a few battery pulls and that didn't work and I even wiped the memory completely and that didn't seem to do anything either. Does anyone have any more suggestions or am I stuck with having to buy a replacement?
    (my phone is an 8320 t-mobile curve)
    08-15-09 02:32 PM
  2. UnityDivides's Avatar
    I'm taking a shot in the dark here, but it's worth a try. Check your settings. Options > Screen/Keyboard > Automatically Dim Backlight should be set to On.
    08-16-09 12:50 PM