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    Ok so my berry somewhat died tonight. The screen went white, so naturally I pulled out the battery. After I started it up again, the screen doesnt work at all. It just seems like the berry is dead. This is the second time this has happened to this blackberry. Anyways, the berry still works. I installed BB Screen Streamer and I can see that the berry is on and working fine otherwise. I was even able to call it from another phone and talk to myself.

    So now, I have some text messages in there that I need to see ASAP. I was just going to look at them through screen streamer, but the trackball doesnt work and most of the keys seem to not be working. The left and right conv. keys work fine, so i can call people I guess. The send and end buttons work too, but thats about it I think.

    So can anyone think of anything I can do to see whats going on in my messages. I will take the phone to sprint tomorrow to get it fixed like i did last time, but this is kind of time sensitive.

    09-05-09 04:20 AM