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    I've had only one tone for text messages and I'm getting sick of it. When I go to the ringtones page all it says is "Set as Phone Tune". Is there anyway of changing the tone that alerts you when you get a text message. If so can someone post a detailed way of doing so? Oh, I have a Curve 8300.
    04-12-08 06:55 PM
  2. raylol16's Avatar
    Go into the profiles and change it.
    04-12-08 06:57 PM
  3. BlackberryPrincess's Avatar
    Thank you SOO much.
    04-12-08 07:06 PM
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    Welcome to cb newbie!!
    04-12-08 07:39 PM
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    Welcome to CB.
    04-12-08 07:46 PM
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    Welcome! Hope you got it figured out

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    04-12-08 08:01 PM
  7. newtotheblackberrygame's Avatar
    Okay what about with the alltel phone because when i go where is the profile so that i can change my text message tone??? HELP
    07-31-08 07:19 PM
  8. MiniBB's Avatar
    profile / scroll down to advanced > click into the active profile and go from there to choose what tones you want for almost anything.
    07-31-08 07:33 PM
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    Welcome to cb newbie!!
    she's been registered longer than you.
    07-31-08 08:42 PM