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    So I was reading the post about how to set up tethering...I downloaded Sprints software, followed directions on how to get my computer to recognize my phone as a modem...I connected, never even opened the software...sooooo what's the point of the software?

    Also, I got download speeds of 706kbps (but avg was in the 500s) and upload of 116 kbps...is this normal...will an aircard be faster? It didn't seem too too slow, but it wasn't as fast as my cable connection (of course lol)
    06-16-09 09:04 PM
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    Views but no replies??? Awwwww
    06-16-09 11:52 PM
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    I would get a aircard if you can, depends on what's in your area it'll be like cable vs dial up
    06-17-09 12:09 AM
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    06-17-09 08:01 AM
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    Although an Aircard is faster than a tethered mobile phone, its really not much faster. Speed is mostly dependant on the type of cell network you are connected to. Where I live (1X area) speeds are a bit slower that what you are getting however when I am in a 3G area I can get close to mid-range DSL speed.
    06-17-09 08:01 AM
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    Funny about the software not needing to run. I remember way back when I got Roadrunner hooked up, they installed a program that you logged into to get on the internet. One day I just stopped using it. lol

    Sprint's program is probably the same thing, though it does seem to work as a speedometer.

    Also IMO, I wouldn't get the modem, unless of course you need to use that connection for work or something. If you are just using it occasionally for the convenience of a roaming connection, save the monthly fee of additional line.
    06-17-09 08:53 AM
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    I had problems getting Windows 7 to work with PAM without Sprint's software, so I installed it.
    06-17-09 11:33 AM
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    Sorry, newbie to blackberrys... Am I understaning right that if I tether my pc to my blaackberry, sprint will not charge me extra fees? I have unlimited data plan.

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    06-18-09 11:02 AM
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    if you have BIS on your account, tethering is included.
    06-18-09 11:03 AM
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    if you have BIS on your account, tethering is included.
    No, it's not.

    Simply Everything

    GPS: Unlimited maps, turn-by-turn directions and more with Sprint Navigation for Sprint and PowerSource phones, or TeleNav™ for Nextel phones. GPS reliability varies by environment.

    Sprint Mobile Email: Access multiple personal email accounts in a single application on featured phones. Providers include: AOL, Windows Live (including MSN/Hotmail), Yahoo! and Gmail.

    Sprint Mobile Email Work: Access to corporate email on feature phones (non PDA devices) through Outlook Web Access (OWA) or a desktop redirector. If your company uses Lotus Notes Domino, you can obtain access to that email on your phone through redirector software that can be downloaded and then direct mailed to your phone.

    Receive corporate email on Microsoft ExchangeSM 2000, 2003 and 2007 and on Lotus NotesSM Domino versions 6.0, 6.5 and 7.0 through a desktop redirector software.

    BlackBerry® Internet Service (BIS): Manage up to 10 different accounts with a simple three-click email setup, and IM on the go with Yahoo!® Messenger, AIM®, Google Talk and BlackBerry Messenger. Please note: BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), which provides secure corporate email access and access to corporate IT administration, is not included and available for an additional cost.

    Music Premier: Take your music with you and use your phone as an MP3 player and radio. Enjoy streaming radio channels, featured local radio stations from across the country and 99¢ wireless music downloads. For the full radio line-up, visit sprint.com/radio.

    TV Premier: Watch shows, sports, news, movies and more, choose from: exclusive content, short clips or full-length episodes. For the full line-up, visit sprint.com/tvguide.

    Messaging: Unlimited nationwide, text, picture and video messages to anyone on any network.

    Direct Connect® and Group Connect®: Unlimited instant connections, nationwide and at the push of a button. Group Connect is limited to 20 participants on the same network.

    Mobile to Mobile: Only available for calls directly between Sprint phones and/or most Nextel phones (not through Voicemail, 411 or other indirect methods). Not available where a Sprint phone is roaming/off the Sprint National Network.

    Phone as modem or tethering: not included.

    Corporate, government or special discounts: Do not apply.
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    06-18-09 11:11 AM
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    So Sprint says it's not included. But above it is saying that they can not tell? Does that make it a "don't do it but we can't twll if you do" times? Not sure I want to do it if I am not supposed to, but it would be nice to understand...

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    06-18-09 02:21 PM
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    Sprint told me PAM was included in the Simply Everything plan...Guess we'll see what the truth is when I get my phone bill lol

    Even the thread giving directions how to set up tethering says Sprint doesn't charge extra.
    06-19-09 12:40 AM
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    I have been tethering with a 8330 and 2 different computers (Thinkpad and Macbook) since I returned to Sprint in January. Have not had any problems, but doubt I transfer a GB of data in any given billing period. Speeds are decent, a little slower than the aircard my company provides, and bluetooth tethering works great.

    No need for added software.
    06-19-09 12:57 AM
  14. xxwckdxx's Avatar
    Ive looked into this and it WAS included in older SImply everything plans but not anymore you cant even add it except to certain plans they are cracking down on pam but most of us can use the sprint software and still use pam without paying
    06-19-09 02:04 AM
  15. Gunnyman's Avatar
    I have SERO the now defunct Sprint Employee Referral Offer. I added BIS. I can Tether with no problem. YMMV.
    06-19-09 08:19 AM
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    So, do I need software to actually tether to the pc? Or are there just settings that I need to change on the PC?
    07-01-09 05:54 PM
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    I ordered Tetherberry but cannot seem to make it work with my Sprint service. Does anybody know how to make it work?
    08-16-09 05:19 PM
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    I downloaded & use the SprintView since it was free (unlike Tetherberry) to use when in the mountains of VA visiting family with no wi-fi near. Only took a couple of minutes to do.
    08-17-09 02:08 PM
  19. redhdgirl417's Avatar
    Ive looked into this and it WAS included in older SImply everything plans but not anymore you cant even add it except to certain plans they are cracking down on pam but most of us can use the sprint software and still use pam without paying
    I do...you just can't go overboard with it and use it 24/7 as your main wi-fi source. Remember that 5g cap.
    08-17-09 02:10 PM