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    Hi Everybody,

    I just purchased a blackberry 8310 for at&t and about a week ago and I have charged it twice now, let the battery completely go and then charge it back so to get the most. last night i noticed that about 30 minutes after i had taken it off the charger the battery level had already dropped and by this morning i only had 45% battery life. i know this cant be normal

    i have a few questions...

    is there a task manager like on windows smart phones that let you see which programs are currently active?

    i have my phone set up for gmail could that be draining the battery?

    There is a browser push selection under advanced options... could this affect anything

    i also have the gps activated. could that effect it or does that only come on when i used the map application.

    I have these apps: could they be effecting anything
    -live search

    i have searched this forum and couldn't find where anybody else had asked these questions so hopefully someone out there can help me. thanks so much in advance.
    01-13-08 10:48 AM
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    Alt+the arrow to the right of the trackball acts as a Task Manager -

    As for the GPS; I downloaded InfoSeek for free and it does much the same thing..

    I have 2 gmails feeding into the Berry and it seems to be fine for the battery.facebook and live search I can't speak for, though...

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    01-13-08 10:55 AM
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    Typically programs you have running in the background usually drain your device, facebook wouldn't really do that unless you don't close the app and are a very heavy user, same goes for WLS. As far as GPS, its the same as bluetooth because that reception is always "on" so yes it will drain the battery. Emails and such are fine though.
    01-13-08 11:01 AM
  4. jd4au21's Avatar
    thanks for the help.

    i did find out that a few were running in the background and shut them down. my battery life did something weird though it got down to 40% then after i let it sit for a while it said it was up to 60% i guess it just fluctuates some when turning off programs. thanks again though
    01-13-08 02:34 PM
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    06-15-10 07:39 PM