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    On the curve 8900 can you receive emails while you are on the phone? because I've tried it but I only get emails when I get off the phone call. If not I probably it's because you can only do that on 3g. Just wanted to know.
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    03-23-09 10:18 AM
  2. davidnyc's Avatar
    If you are connected via WiFi, you can do voice and email at the same time. Otherwise, your emails will be queued until you get off the phone.
    03-23-09 10:35 AM
  3. DonnieDarko2k6's Avatar
    Oh okay I kinda figured that was the case. Thanks for the response.

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    03-23-09 10:43 AM
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    Only 3G phones can receive data simultaneously while talking on the phone. For a non-3G phone to accomplish this, they have to use 2 radios simultaneously - mobile connection and WiFi as with the 8900.
    03-23-09 10:55 AM