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    When I attempt to sync up the calendar via desktop manager (from device to outlook) the only events synced are from "Calendar", not "Calendar - All".

    Calendar in device database is listed as 7 records.
    Calendar-All is listed as 79 records.

    79 records is what I want to go to Outlook, but only 7 end up there. Is there a way to get Calendar-All to sync rather than just the 7 in Calendar?

    This seems like a silly a problem - I'd think that the default backup would be calendar-all, rather than just 7 recent records.

    I've of course attempted in Sync Configuration to adjust the parameters by both "transfer all scheduled events" and "transfer items within a range of days" (which I set to 1000 before and after) all to no avail.

    Running Desktop Manager
    BB Curve 8320
    03-31-09 04:37 AM
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    Was able to find an answer to my own question - maybe helps anyone else with the same issue.

    I had unwittingly added more calendars to my calendar when I updated my email service books. One calendar was added per email address. Therefore, 7 new entries in my calendar were added via an email calendar, not the device default.

    The new email calendar became the default for syncing and therefore only that calendar was synced - thus 7 entries, not the full 79.

    Check this out for an easy fix..... esp. concerning deleting CICAL entries.

    Could not post the link cuz I'm a newbie, but I found these instructions.

    1. I browsed to Options --> Advanced Options --> Service Book
    2. Since the CICAL entries are the calendar entries, I found the entry that looked like ken.hanscom at gmail.com [CICAL]
    3. I made sure that was one of the Calendar service books I wanted to delete.
    4. I hit the menu key and selected delete.
    5. I confirmed the service book entry was removed from the device.
    6. I confirmed that the calendar for the service book was deleted from my calendar along with all of the associated entries.
    7. I repeated the process for all the other calendars I no longer wanted.
    03-31-09 05:22 AM
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    Correct steps, but the all CICAL will show back up once service book are ever resent, just a heads up.
    03-31-09 07:53 AM