1. olivaed's Avatar
    The right shift key on my TMo curve is stuck. It doesn't click the way the left shift does. This wasn't such a problem before simply because I use the left shift key. The right shift key still works, yet that's where the problem rests. It'll "push" all by itself as if I pressed the button. I makes it hard to work the phone because the CAP icon is randomly being activated due to the stuck right shift key.

    ..Anyone know how I can "unstick" the right shift key?
    08-13-08 04:10 PM
  2. AbeFrohman's Avatar
    I'm assuming you've done all you can to manually unstick it (jab at it repeatedly while muttering something colorful under your breath, blow compressed air in there, etc.)

    If you're feeling saucy, you can replace your keypad and/or take it out and clean it. Odds are you've got some gunk stuck down in there.

    08-13-08 04:17 PM
  3. caralewiswatts's Avatar
    I have the same problem- I was thinking I'd take my phone in to be looked at!
    06-17-10 07:00 PM