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    The other day i was sitting on the bus, phone resting on my lap. We hit a bump and the phone fell from my lap, down onto the cushioned chair next to me ... it was no more than a 6 inch fal, and again the seat was cushioned

    Ok shortly after i realized that my mem card was not being recognized. I did the usual and rebooted, removed it and rebooted, etc. No luck

    Took it to verizon and they said its not the phone, its the card because they tried it on another phone and it didnt work. This pissed me off because it was a 16gig card and was expensive, and less than a year old but whatever.

    Now the real issue (as if the above wasnt enough) occasionally the slightest bump will reset my phone! It turns off and reboots itself. This is just like what happened on the bus! A 6 inch fall onto a cushioned seat reboot the phone.

    Sometimes i place my phone on the desk, and the impact with the desk forces a reset.

    It is not regular, and i cannot make it happen .. so taking it to store is pointless, since they wont be able to se the issue

    Any idea what i can do, or try? Or am i stuck buying a new phone?

    I am with VZW, so if anyone knows one way or another how their warranty, service is, etc .. please do share. Phone is less than one year old
    08-04-09 02:27 PM
  2. plunkingtom's Avatar
    You should tell them that your phone shuts down all the time. They will get you a new one or a refurb one.

    Start out saying you need or want a phone that stays on so you can get your calls...
    08-04-09 02:36 PM