1. pete101's Avatar
    I have a strange bug on my 8900 curve with OS

    whenever i'm typing something say and email or a bbm message quite quickly and the speed makes the blackberry lag slightly the 'h' key does not register so i mispell words.

    it's really strange cos despite this lag and the processer working at capacity only the 'h' key doesn't register and i have to go back and retype the word. ALL the other keys register regardless of the lag.

    this also happens if i'm getting data sent to the phone i.e. i'm writing an email and someone is sending me a message on bbm or i'm getting photos to load on facebook app etc,

    all the other keys work except 'h' during the lag or data being sent. what do you think the problem is?

    is it a software problem or hardware?

    the 'h' key works fine when i press it normally and doesn't appear to be a hardware issue with the key being damaged it's literally when either data is being sent to the blackberry or i'm typing a message quite fast and the blackberry lags slightly i get this problem.

    its not me making a typing error as i'm pretty accurate and it's happened to many times for it to be coincidence.

    do you think it's a fault in the blackberry or just a minor annoying bug?

    it's only during those 2 instances that it happens so i can live with it for now but it's frustrating making spelling mistake errors through no fault of my own.
    07-10-10 03:57 PM
  2. orientalcowboy's Avatar
    I'm using the same model and OS... I haven't experience that though..
    07-10-10 05:10 PM
  3. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    Neither have I . . I've been on the .681 for 2 months now
    07-10-10 05:13 PM
  4. pete101's Avatar
    does it sound like a software issue rather than hardware?

    it's really strange because if i press the button it registers, even softly. so it doesn't appear to be a hardware problem or damaged.

    it doesn't sound like a software issue either becuase all the other keyboard buttons register when pressed even during when the processor is used to 100% capacity or a lot of data is being sent.

    i have this problem while on bbm and using an instant messenger and writing an email, its quite annoying and only comes up from time to time which is quite often during an IM convo or BBM convo. could it be a software bug related to the processor lagging?

    what does it sound like the problem is?

    like i say the button works fine, even registers when i press it softly. its only during when im writing a lot like on an IM or BBM it happens quite often and the 'h' doesn't register when typing, it always seems to occur during a period of a 'lag' when a lot of info is being sent or received.
    07-15-10 09:24 AM
  5. pete101's Avatar
    i found out its a hardware problem my stupid h key on the bottom right doesn't seem to be sensitive enough when pressed to register.

    i dont think its a water damage issue but you can never tell.

    it works when i press it in the middle, the top left, top right and bottom left. it's just bottom right it doesn't register sometimes.

    if i press down when it doesn't register on the bottom right side then dont release and try clicking it does not register at all

    does this sound like a key misalignment as in the membrane is not being touched when i press it from that angle?
    07-15-10 05:36 PM