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    Hey peeps.....

    So I know this has nothing to do with BB but I need help for a friend of mine...

    He has the worst phone ever.. HTC Mogul with Sprint.... UGH!

    But anyways he upgraded his phone to the new O.S Windows came out with and some features are missing is not working like he read its suppossed to..

    He came to me for help... lol...

    Anyways I have been on ppcgeeks.com ENDLESLY and they are not as helpful as you guys here... so I dont expect much response but does anyone have any hints ideas or a better forum then PPCGEEKS for this crap of phone.
    09-16-08 09:45 PM
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    You might want to look in the Off Topic area of the forums and post your questions there. Or the Other Smart Phone area. This is just for BB 83XX questions- which is why no one's responding.

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    09-16-08 10:40 PM