1. jayls2007's Avatar
    Hi, ive just purchased an 8900 which is locked to t-mobile. I have tried ringin tmobile to ask them to unlock it as i have an 02 sim but they wont.

    The person i bougt the phone off recomended i go on the blackberry website n download 02 software, and install it on my phone after uninstalling the old software.

    Just checking with everyone that this is actually do-able and safe to do and will alow me to use an 02 sim card? Thanks!!

    (also a quick question, the case i got with the phone is really tight and i have trouble getting it out sometimes, is this normal and does it get looser as it is used, thanks)

    08-05-09 02:46 PM
  2. aristile's Avatar
    You can load whatever OS you like onto the device but that will not unlock it for your carrier. The only way to unlock it is to get an unlock code. I recommend using HorizonWirelessOnline.com - Horizon Wireless, The World’s Cellular Repair Center .
    08-05-09 02:51 PM
  3. jayls2007's Avatar
    ok thanks. so you have to send your phone off on this website?? is there any sites where u can instantly just get a code and type it in to your blackberry?
    08-05-09 03:00 PM
  4. aristile's Avatar
    You can get a code from that site that I mentioned. It is not *instant* but you do get it fairly quickly. You can even opt for expedited code if you like. The instructions for entering in the code will accompany it.
    08-05-09 03:02 PM
  5. jayls2007's Avatar
    ok thanks il have a look now, what does expedited mean btw?
    08-05-09 03:09 PM
  6. aristile's Avatar
    08-05-09 03:12 PM
  7. affyuk's Avatar
    Ps the case does get looser with use!

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    08-05-09 03:24 PM
  8. jayls2007's Avatar
    hi sorry just having a bit of trouble with trying to buy a code.


    PIN #


    Carrier / Provider


    SMS My Code

    whats pin number? and also wat do you put by the sms my code? just yes? how do you get the code if you put no?

    sorry to be a bit slow but this is confusing. also is this the cheapest on the internet cus 30 dollars is roughly 17 pounds here which is quite alot wen i know alot of peaople ave got there phone unlocked free by ringin tmobile?

    thanks very much for helping btw people appreciate it!
    08-05-09 03:29 PM
  9. aristile's Avatar
    Hold Alt + Left Shift + H on your device to find out the missing information.
    08-05-09 03:39 PM
  10. jayls2007's Avatar
    thanks u rock!
    08-05-09 03:48 PM
  11. K Nol's Avatar
    I will always recommend cellunlock.net this site is very quick with a response and no send off.

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    08-05-09 09:52 PM
  12. warrentaylor's Avatar
    I'm looking at these sites and they charge upwards of $39 for this. What does 'unlocking' my phone get me? Is it worth it?

    just curious.
    08-10-09 04:28 PM
  13. aristile's Avatar
    I'm looking at these sites and they charge upwards of $39 for this. What does 'unlocking' my phone get me? Is it worth it?

    just curious.
    Unlocking your device allows you to use it with another carrier other than the one you purchased your device from.
    08-10-09 04:31 PM
  14. warrentaylor's Avatar
    ACH nacht !

    OK, thanks. Am am slightly less 'noo' now.
    08-10-09 04:40 PM
  15. jayls2007's Avatar
    Hi just to let you know i used cellunlock.net to unlock my phone. it cost me 22 pound and took 24 hours for them to email me the code. they provided instructions of what to do with the code and my phone unlocked straight away. i would reccommend using it. (although ring your carrier first and ask them if they would unlock it as a few people have had luck doing it this way and so got it free! i didnt!) thanks
    08-11-09 11:22 AM