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    Hi all,

    Hope I'm not being repetitive on what any others have posted. I did some research on here, but haven't quite found what I'm looking for...

    In my options on my messages, I selected the option to save them "forever". However, my SMS messages only go back a few days and seem to just disappear. I have ample memory on my device, so I don't think that's why they are deleting. I checked the "saved messages" space and they don't seem to go there, either.

    Anyone know what could be wrong? Are there other options, such as a setting that automatically utilizes my memory card to save SMS messages?

    Thanks so much for any help or advisory!
    02-25-10 05:47 PM
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    Just how far back does it go? I've had mine since November 10 and I only have messages saved since the 11th. On the 10th I sent like 2 SMS but was using a different a SIM card and when I got my new SIM card it must have deleted those SMS. Have you switched SIM cards? I really can't find another option for saving for saving texts other than save them in Saved Messages or allowing them to save on your SIM.
    Forgot to add, Options>SMS to save texts to your SIM
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