1. l.a.blkman's Avatar
    When I receive a MMS file with mutiple pics I can nevr get my slideshow function to work. Even when i click "restart" to restart the slideshow it goes to the last picture and doesnt move. i have to manually go to previous or next slide. Is there anything i can do?
    08-26-09 04:47 PM
  2. crackberryvirgin's Avatar
    Unfortunately thats how it operates you have to select next there should be a little arrow at the bottom
    08-26-09 11:56 PM
  3. l.a.blkman's Avatar
    hey thanks for the help. but i found that if i scroll to the file, which in my case was a set of pictures, if i clicked on the picture the slide show started.
    09-01-09 11:41 PM