1. clarko#CB's Avatar
    hi all
    i run several curves and a bold for my business, wifey however wanted something more girly, so we got her a samsung omnia. this suited me as i have a few software packages that require windows mobile.

    BIG MISTAKE! compared to my bold the thing is almost unusable, i have forgotten how many times the touchscreen lost an entire message, forget about email or wifi its hopeless. As for my windows software it takes me an hour every time for the computer to see the phone just for music or photo transfers let alone running an app software on it.

    so its got to go, iam going to get her bb curve 8900.

    i have two options start a new contract for the curve, iam on orange venture so means 15.00 pounds a month.

    My other option is to buy for cash a pay as you go curve and stick my wifes current sim in it.

    To my question if you put a non bb sim in a bb phone and assuming you install bis will you have full functionality?

    some say bb will only work with a sim from rim.

    others reckon any sim will work as soon as you get your updates for bis from your service provider

    Any thoughts?

    08-04-09 01:09 PM
  2. zwood's Avatar
    There is no special sim card from rim. all sim cards from your carrier should be the same.
    08-04-09 01:17 PM
  3. aristile's Avatar
    The SIM card tells your device what carrier it has service with, this will work with any phone. If you want the BIS services on the device then you will need to upgrade that on her account with your carrier. Sometimes the older SIM cards cause problems but the easy fix for that is to just get a new SIM card from your carrier - they do this for free.
    08-04-09 01:20 PM
  4. ClintRo's Avatar
    They will usually do the SIM card for free....only thing you will not have push email or BBM if you don't buy the BB package!
    08-04-09 04:56 PM